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I recently completed my Level 1 raw chef certification, taught by chef Angel. As someone who has been on a journey to incorporate more plant based and raw eating in my lifestyle, I absolutely found the day spent with her to be invaluable. It confirmed things I have been learning about the benefits of super foods and gave me so many new ideas and recipes to make this a practical and doable part of life.  I was very impressed by Angel’s professionalism, yet down to earth manner. She encouraged people to try adding more raw foods, rather to think in an extreme manner and feel pressured to go all or nothing. This is an invaluable gift  in the world of nutrition, and I believe her style of presentation  helps people make healthier choices, rather than being turned off to even try. The day with her was fantastic with an added bonus of delicious, highly palatable samples! I look forward to taking more of her classes, and see her as an example of how to teach and encourage people toward better health! -Daria Byron

Coolest teacher I’ve had in a long time…cannot wait to share all of these amazing healthy new recipes with my family! Thank you Angel. – Kjerstan Starr, Symmetry and Balance

My name is Judy Salinas and I had the pleasure of taking Angel’s Raw Food Chef course last summer during my yoga teacher training.  I learned so many new things and even modifications and substitutions to make healthy meals for my family.  Besides food prep, I learned a great deal of knowledge about what certain foods did for my body. and how to combine certain foods together. I have had a series of medical issues including bad digestion since I had my gall bladder removed, and my digestion got better by eating her food and learning at the same time. Angel’s passion to share this with others made her class fun and exciting, not to mention she is such a nice and beautiful person and her qualities irradiate a room in such a way you want to give your full attention. Overall, in taking her course I didn’t just lose 8lbs in 15 days, I felt empowered to care and make a change for myself with the knowledge Angel had shared and I will forever treasure. My life, my body, my mind, and my health is important and she helps you to care again. You will not regret taking her course. -Judy Salinas, Arizona

I completed my Living on Live Food level 1 Chef Certification program with Angel in November, 2012.  I took the training while going through my Yahweh Yoga teacher training program.  Every lunch and dinner were eaten at Angel’s house as she prepared the most delicious raw foods I have ever eaten. I learned so much about eating right and the wonderful variety of foods available to me that I never even knew existed.  The raw food recipes are awesome and I enjoy preparing them for friends and family.  I have stuck with the raw food diet for the past year and a half and feel very healthy.  (My wonderful blood results work will attest to that).  Angel is a wonderful teacher, raw food chef and life long friend.  She is patient, caring, knowledgeable and just a wonderful person.  I would highly recommend her class to anyone who is interested in learning how to eat to live a healthier life and who wants to share that information with others.  I incorporate my raw food chef knowledge into my yoga classes and my students love it.  Angel, you are the BEST!!!! -Becky Legun, RYT 200, Peaceful Spirit Yoga

Angel is an excellent teacher with a calm and balanced perspective on life. She is kind, caring and a great person to be around. I went through yoga teacher training in which Angel prepared our raw food meals and taught us how to be a raw food chef. I am really amazed at how much stuff I like that I never would have tried before. I still cannot tolerate much in the spice department so I just cut back on the onion and garlic when called for. I know it is not the goal of a raw diet but I have lost 10 pounds since starting all of this and hope to lose another 25 lbs between the raw food and yoga. Again and again thank you so much for all you taught us.  -Mary C., Vermont, Letting Go Yoga

I loved our raw food certification and the foods we tried.  We learned so much about eating healthy and what our bodies need to be healthy. I appreciated the Ayurveda study, and learning how raw foods can provide the nutrients we need. The food was so delicious! I didn’t think I would care for some of the foods we tried especially the chili since it wasn’t as warm as I was used to. I enjoyed the desserts which often tasted like traditional recipes but were raw food items. My favorite was tasting the green juice and all the awesome salad dressings. Also the kale avocado salad, yum! -Stephanie S., Renewal Yoga

Angel showed me how easy it is to make food that “feeds” me. She makes what was an overwhelming topic (from a recent omnivore’s perspective) in to a simple and life changing way of preparing and eating. I’m so excited to prepare healthy and life enriching, caring meals for ourselves and our planet! Woo hoo! I can’t wait to have people ask for the recipes of this wonderful food. -R.M., Colorado

I really liked the way you taught the class. I learned so much and am very excited to start a raw food diet. It’s the best thing for me right now. And, I think if we take what we learned we could not only benefit ourselves but help others to do so. I will definitely tell others about the class. For anyone considering signing up for the class, I say go for it- it will be life changing! -Tracy M., Faithful Yoga & Fitness

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