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Teacher Feature: Becky Legun
Founder & Instructor of Peaceful Spirit Yoga
Port Charlotte, FL

Brief Bio: I teach Christian Yoga at Edgewater UMC in Port Charlotte, Florida. With my training from Angel in Raw Foods and completion of a year-long course in Vegan Mastery from the Vegetarian Health Institute, I am able to incorporate all this knowledge about healthy eating into my Christian Yoga classes.

Best Encouragement/Advice You Offer your Students/Clients: I have many new yoga students and I always try to encourage them by letting them know that I started out the same place they are at and that helps them feel like they will get there one day. I also emphasize “no competition” and many pose options depending upon skill level and physical issues.

Favorite Raw/ Plant Based Recipe: I love juicing but my favorite recipe is Vegan Herbal Energy Bars.

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