How to Make a No Sew, T-Shirt Tote Bag

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I’ve never been crafty with a sewing machine… or a simple needle and thread, for that matter…Whenever I come across a re-purposing project that is no sew, it’s my kind of project! This is a fairly easy, diy that only requires a T-Shirt, scissors and your hands. Over our lifetime, many of us have received a small supply of free T-Shirts from sporting events, to fundraisers to promotional freebies. While they may not be a fashion staple, you can still get good use out of them by turning them into a tote bag! Better yet- no sewing required!

Directions correspond with photos beginning from top left to right to next row

Tie Dye T-Shirt Tote

  • Begin by turning the T-Shirt inside out and lay it on a flat surface.
  • Fold the T-Shirt in half vertically.
  • Take the scissors and cut about an1/2 -1 inch away from the collar and sleeves to remove.
  • Next, cut above the the seam on the bottom of the T-Shirt. Remove strip and set aside.
  • Cut strips (2 inches height and about 1/2 inch width) all the way across the bottom of the T-Shirt.
  • Take the first set of strips (the paired up ones from the front and back of the shirt) and tie into a knot. Then, double the knot and pull tightly.
  • Continue to do this to all the strips. (I have found it’s easier for me to do this while the T-Shirt/tote is on a hanger, hanging from a secure place.)
  • Turn the bag right side out to reveal and use your new tote!

*To reinforce the handles and add a bit more detail, you can use the strips of fabric cut off the T-Shirt. Take the strips cut from the bottom and cut away any of the seam (discard that part). Cut the remaining strip of fabric so that you have one long strip of T-Shirt fabric. Stretch, and then cut it into two strips. Using one stretched strip for each handle, tie it to one of the handles and double knot. Then, begin to coil the fabric around the top of the handle. Tie off on the underside of the handle and double knot to secure. Trim any long ends. Repeat on other handle.

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