Raw Veggie Rainbow Roll Recipe

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Raw Veggie Rainbow Roll

Raw Veggie Rainbow Roll

OK, so there’s not too much of a recipe here but rather inspiration for creating your own version of a raw Veggie Rainbow Roll with what ever you have on hand and per your likes. When I made these I had just received some perfectly named Purple Beauty Bell Peppers (which is not just what they look like but what they are actually called!) along with collard greens in my weekly organic produce delivery box from Nature’s Garden Delivered AZ.

Purple Beauty Bell Peppers

Purple Beauty Bell Peppers

Collard greens are loaded with nutrients and are great to use as a wrap or roll in raw food recipes! I had some leftover *RAWcotta from making the RAWsagna Bites and used that as the spread. To complete this colorful roll I added thinly sliced red and yellow bell peppers, *carrots, celery, and *red onion all marinated in         2 + Tablespoons of Bragg’s Liquid Aminos and 1/2 Tablespoon Extra Virgin  Olive Oil--all staples around here 🙂      While the veggies are marinating, gently wash the collard green leaves and, carefully remove the thickest parts of the *spine/stem using a knife. To do this, lay the collard green leaf flat on a cutting board with the spine facing up and use a knife to carefully cut it off so that you are left with just the leaf. Using a rubber spatula, spread one to two tablespoons of the spread on the collard green leaf. Before you add the veggies, make sure to position your collard green leaf by horizontal width ( which is opposite of how I have it pictured–dang formatting! But you get the idea). *Take your selected veggies and align them on your collard green, placing them closest to the bottom half of the leaf. After you’ve added your selected veggies use both hands to begin to roll the collard leaf upwards/away from you, keeping it tightly rolled as best you can. (If you’ve ever rolled your own sushi it’s basically the same method.) Once completely rolled up you can either cut in half or multiple pieces.  Enjoy using your own colorful veggie combo!

*VIO Tips:                                                                                                                  *RAWcotta Recipe–You can always omit the macadamia nuts and only use cashews.

*To easily cut carrots (and a multitude of other veggies) into thin strips, use a julienned peeler. It’s such a small tool but will revolutionize your raw food world!

*When using raw onions in raw recipes, soak slices in a bowl of water with a squeeze of lemon juice to neutralize the flavor of the onion.

*Shed no more tears the next time you cut an onion by following this simple trick.

*Wondering what to do with that spine/stem? Don’t throw it out — Throw them in the juicer! I keep a bag of “odds and ends” such as the spine/stems from collard greens, kale, Swiss chard, celery tops, etc., from produce I’ve prepped and add them in my daily juices.

*When rolling the collard, I leave a little room at the ends so I can fold them in like a burrito as I roll it up, but of course this is optional. To help keep the roll “rolled up” you can stick a toothpick through the whole roll and or cut pieces.

*As always, use organic when available.

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