Raw, Vegan Cashew Cookies Recipe

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Did you know….? Cashews are know to be feel good foods?

“ Two handfuls of raw cashews are the therapeutic equivalent of a prescription dose of Prozac.”    Dave Sommers,  Food Matters

Makes sense considering cashews contain tryptophan, the precursor to serotonin; you know, those feel good chemicals produced in our brain.  Cashews are also a good source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals- especially copper, magnesium, and selenium. Cashews are also good for the heart and helps to lower blood pressure. Plus, they are a dream ingredient to be used in so many different raw recipes!  Cashews (raw) are some of the most versatile, nutritious and tasty ingredients so stock up on when you can.

Simply enjoy cashews by the handfuls, or use them as a base in raw, vegan, sweet treats- like in this Cashew Cookies recipe!

Ingredients (use organic when available):                              Cashew Cookies wText
1 cup raw cashews
2 TBS raw cacao powder
1/2 cup dried coconut shreds (raw, unsweetened)
1 cup dates pitted, softened
1 TBS pure Maple syrup
1 TBS un-sulphured molasses (if you don’t have molasses use Maple syrup)
1 TBS unrefined coconut oil
1 tsp vanilla extract

Add cashews & cacao powder to food processor. Process until the cashews are a grainy but a coarse texture. Add coconut shreds & pulse a several times. Empty into medium sized bowl & set aside. Add softened, pitted dates to food processor along with the Maple syrup/molasses coconut oil & vanilla and process until you get a fairly chunky date paste consistency (scrape down the sides as needed). Pour the date mixture into the bowl of cashew mixture. Using a wooden spoon or similar mix until well combined. Take one – two TBS of the mixture & roll it between your hands to form a ball. Place them on a baking sheet. Then, using your hands press down to form an even cookie shape. Place baking sheet in fridge or freezer for at least an hour or more to set. Keep stored, covered, in fridge or freezer.
Makes about 15-20 cookies.

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