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Level I Raw Foods Chef Certification

Thank you for attending the Level 1 Raw Foods Chef Certification and congratulations on becoming raw foods chef certified!  Whether you plan to use this certification for professional or personal use you will greatly benefit!  You will find the recipes demonstrated, additional Level 1 recipes from Alissa Cohen’s Living on Live Food program, materials to support a raw and plant based lifestyle, as well as marketing materials and ideas to hold your own raw food classes on this private page.

To access this information, you will need the password given to you at the certification class (or emailed to you). For best results, you may just want to copy and paste it as it is case and character sensitive.

Click on this link to enter the password

Having taken this course yourself, you may utilize all the info and recipes to hold your own classes, consultations or simply, for personal use. Please keep this password confidential and refrain from sharing it with those who have not yet taken the class. Thank you and I look forward to hearing of your raw and plant based endeavors and am here for continued support! Please contact me by email if you need the password again.

If you’d like to learn more about becoming raw food certified or when and where the next classes will be held, contact me by email.

Thank you!

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