Plant Based Foods to Favor in Spring (U.S.)

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Eating with the seasons helps keep us in balance for what our body naturally needs. Plus, you will get the most fresh, nutrient dense, readily available and typically lower cost produce when you eat seasonally. With all the newness Spring brings, it’s the perfect time to transition from the more heavy, oily grounding foods we’re prone to indulging in the winter. Spring is the ideal time to detoxify and revitalize because Spring season is full of so many detoxifying, astringent, and bitter greens/ vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices that are not only packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals but also contain naturally detoxifying and nourishing properties benefiting the liver, kidneys, digestive system and overall health. Check out this handy chart I created of the best plant based foods to consume in the Spring. *Although honey is not considered plant based, it is one of the preferred sweeteners to use during Spring according to Ayurveda.

Spring Foods Chart.001

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