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Quite simply, homesteading is getting back to the basics and to a place of self-sufficiency– consuming less and maximizing more of what you have. Modern or urban homesteading takes on the same values and practices as generations before (sustainable agriculture, self-reliance, and homemaking), but is typically applied on a smaller scale and integrated practically into today’s world, home, and environment. Modern homesteading is a way to be more resourceful, self-reliant, creative and more educated on how to provide a healthier and more natural lifestyle for you and your family.

I don’t live on a farm or homestead but that hasn’t stopped me from exploring a lifestyle of homesteading in suburbia. Discovering natural ways to become more self-sufficient has proven to be quite interesting, fun, fulfilling and even liberating. I’ve grown to love DIY, upcycled, handmade and homegrown projects and added this section to share my experiences, misadventures, ideas, and tips I’ve learned along the way. From this, it is my hope that you are encouraged and inspired to implement even a little bit of modern homesteading practices to your own home — whether that be a house, apartment, condo or farm.

Happy Homesteading!

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