Eating with the Seasons: Foods to Favor Autumn & Winter (U.S.)

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Nature is one of the best teachers I know when it comes to trying to live a more vital and balanced life. Being tuned into the natural cycles and elements of the seasons, it’s much easier to make healthy choices. One of the best and most simple ways is to choose to eat what’s in season. Consuming seasonal produce is not only good for you nutritionally, but is also good environmentally. Produce at it’s peak of ripeness and freshness enhances the nutritional value and flavor. Seasonal foods also play a significant role in maintaining and preparing our bodies for the elements. It’s no coincidence that citrus fruits, high in immunity boosting Vitamin C and quercetin are at the height of their season in Autumn and Winter–aka, cold and flu season.

In addition to the nutritional benefits, your wallet benefits, too. Seasonal produce, when harvested in it’s natural conditions and at the proper time of the year, typically means less cost for the producers which means less cost to you. Autumn, in particular, is synonymous with the ideal harvest time, therefore, one of the most cost effective time of year for purchasing fresh, seasonal produce.  Autumn harvest ingredients, such as root vegetables and winter squashes keep their freshness much, much longer than, say, summer produce like peaches and berries, which also benefits your bottom line. Best yet, try to purchase seasonal produce from local farmers/growers –it’s a win win! In doing so you support the local farmers/growers and economy and reduce the amount of energy, fuel and miles it has to travel.

Check out this handy chart of Foods to favor in the U.S. in Autumn and Winter
Foods for autumn & winter UpdatedYou can find out what’s in season in your area by visiting:
Local Harvest
Eat Well Guide
Eat Local
Seasons App

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