Coconut Oil Hair Conditioning Treatment

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CoconutOilImageCoconut oil is an amazing product for internal and external health and beauty. As for the hair, it can be used as a wondrous conditioning treatment. You can just as easily slather it all over your hair and scalp for an ultimately nourishing treatment but, for this conditioning method, I prefer to use it just on my hair, sans scalp.

For my coconut oil conditioning treatment, I put my hair into a middle to high ponytail, then take about a *Tablespoon of coconut oil; place it in my palms, rub them together and distribute it throughout my ponytail and adding a little more to the ends. Then, I loosely twist and secure my hair into a bun and keep it in for 8-12 hours (can be done overnight- you just may want to protect your bedding by sleeping in a shower cap or similar. Sexy… right…?… The things we do for beauty…sheesh!!) But, remember…It is also for our health!

This coconut oil conditioning treatment helps to repair damaged hair by by penetrating the hair shaft; the lauric acids in the coconut oil are known to re-nourish the proteins in the hair. Coconut oil is also known to help retain moisture in the hair which helps reduce breakage while keeping the hair soft, supple, yet strong.

Considering so many hair conditioners and conditioning treatments on the market contain a multitude of harmful chemicals and ingredients to our bodies and environment, coconut oil is one of the most safe and naturally nourishing ingredients you can use. And bonus…coconut oil can be used for so many internal and external health and beauty benefits…so why not stock up!

*My hair is rather thick and about a few inches above my waist so you will want to adjust the amount of coconut oil you are using based on your own hair length and texture.

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