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I’m excited about an awesome project I’m involved in. During February 14-28, Brave Body Love global summit debuts online and I’m being interviewed! I will be discussing “Health and Happiness Go Hand in Hand.” There are 30+ speakers covering a whole range of topics related to body confidence, health, beauty and learning to love yourself. We are Bringing Women From All Over the Globe Together in an Epic Online Event to End Body Image Issues and Awaken Our Collective Feminine Power! And best of all the event is complimentary and all the recordings of every single speaker are free! Learn more about this online event and how to register by visiting  Brave Body Love

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Bringing Women from All Over the Globe Together in an Epic Online Event to End Body Image Issues and Awaken Our Collective Feminine Power                                With Michelle Hess + 30 Experts
February 14-28, 2015

Join Michelle Hess, creator of The Body Love Experiment™ and 30+ of the most amazingly Brave and Transparent Female Leaders on the forefront of living a life of true body love and radical self-acceptance.

Discover how to free your body and self from the burdens of judgment, stress, and self-criticism and begin living a life full of love, hope and freedom.

If you’re sick and tired of

  • Not being confident in how you show up in the world
  • The size of your thighs causing you stress
  • Feeling that your self-worth depends on how you look
  • The shame and exhaustion involved in yo-yo dieting

Then join us and prepare yourself for some radical perspectives, new information on health and fitness, true beauty strategies and inspiration from the trenches of professional life in male dominated fields.

This is YOUR time. You can live in Brave Body Love and we will show you how! You are invited to be part of this global community of women who are saying, “No More!”
When you take a moment to relax and ask your body, doesn’t every cell in you cry out for the peace freedom brings? Freedom from expectations, false science, social pressure, non-stop dieting, abuse and shame?

Join us for this adventure that can change the way you look at your body, your life, and your powerful feminine self! Take your first step toward true freedom, radical acceptance and the amazing life that it brings. Register for this free and awesome event at            Brave Body Love

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