Berries, Jicama & Sweet Cashew Cream Treat

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IMG_7741For the upcoming Independence day festivities why not serve a simple combo of strawberries,
jicama and blueberries topped with whipped sweet cashew cream for a refreshingly raw sweet treat?! Chop some strawberries, cube some jicama, sprinkle on some blueberries and top off with whipped sweet cashew cream!

Blueberries and strawberries are at their peak in flavor  the summer season and a perfect addition to any summer dish. Plus, the berries contain so much naturally sweet goodness in flavor, fiber and antioxidants.

I’m a fan of jicama because it’s not only high in fiber, vitamin C and potassium but it’s also really hydrating which is perfect for the summer days, especially here in 100 F + temps here Phoenix! If you are unfamiliar with jicama, its a tubular root vegetable often coined the Mexican water chestnut. It provides a crisp texture and a mild flavor somewhere between a raw potato and pear or apple. If you’re unable to purchase jicama or don’t want to use it, you could replace it with peeled apples or pears.

I first came across the raw, whipped sweet cashew cream from Chef Tal Ronnen’s, The Conscious Cook book. This one recipe will revolutionize your raw food repertoire! Use it as a base for raw frosting, fruit dip, parfait topping and more; basically in any way you would use conventional whip cream!

Sweet Whipped Cashew Cream Recipe

  • 1 cup cashew cream (To make cashew cream place 1 cup raw and rinsed cashews in a bowl with enough filtered water to cover the cashews. Refrigerate at least four hours or overnight. Then, drain the cashews, rinse, and place in a high speed blender. Once the cashews are in the blender add enough filtered water to cover them by 1 inch. Blend on high until you get a smooth and creamy consistency.)
  • 1/4 cup maple syrup or similar plant based sweetener IMG_7746
  • 1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • 2/3 cup coconut oil, warmed until liquid

Directions: Add cashew cream, maple syrup and vanilla to blender and blend until well combined. with the blender running drizzle the coconut oil trough the hole in the blender lid and blend until emulsified. Pour into bowl or jar, cover and refrigerate for two hours. Stir before serving. Recipe adapted from from Tal Ronnen’s The Conscious Cook

I’m listing this as a dessert but it can certainly be eaten any time of day, any time of year! Use your preferred combo of seasonal fruit and make it a healthy any time treat. Or, add some granola and or nuts and seeds and make it a breakfast  or dessert parfait.

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