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The holidays may be over but nevertheless, tis’ this season for sneezing, colds & flu. There are a few products in stores that aim to help with decongestion but why buy some when you can create your own?! Especially when you can ensure what goes into them. Remember, what you put on your body (or breathe into) is just as important as what you put into your body. That’s why I’ve continued to learn how to create my own and share them with you 🙂

As healthy as we try to be, our household is not immune to all the crud and cooties that commonly go around this time of year. In addition to pumping up our juicing and souping I’ve also got the full on arsenal of *essential oils. If you haven’t already checked out the essentials of essential oils you really should! High quality, pure, essential oils are basically a form of concentrated plant based nutrition and when applied topically or used as aromatherapy are known to be just as beneficial in healing and immune support.

Awhile back ago, my husband picked up some Vick’s Vapor Shower tabs and although he liked them they’re now discontinued (…hhmmm…perhaps the masses have spoken and these big companies realize they don’t stand a chance now that we are armed with knowledge and natural products to create our own!) That’s why I’ve decided to make my own All Natural, Shower Soothers made from some basic household ingredients and essential oils. Aside from helping with decongestion, I love the remini(scent) spa like feel these soothers can bring to any basic shower. Whether you want to use these soothers when you’re not feeling so well or as a daily therapy here’s the recipe:

All Natural, Herbal Infused Shower Soothers  All Natural Shower SoothersAll Natural, Herbal Infused Shower Soothers 
1 cup baking soda
1/2 cup epsom salts
1/4 teaspoons Eucalyptus oil
20 drops Rosemary essential oil
20 drops Mint essential oil
10-20 Lemongrass essential oil
4 Tablespoons dried Eucalyptus & Rosemary Herbs (optional)
about 2+ Tablespoons water

Directions: Add all dry ingredients into a mixing bowl and whisk together to mix well. Add essential oils and continue to whisk until well combined. If you don’t have all the above essential oils you can make use a combination of one or two (for best results, use eucalyptus as a primary essential oil, then rosemary and mint). Once those ingredients are mixed well begin to add water one Tablespoon at a time. Start with less water then adding more to get the consistency like wet sand. You don’t want it to be overly wet but with enough moisture for it to hold together when pressed in your hand (Tip: best of you can use food handling gloves). Firmly press into a mold such as a silicone mold and allow to set for 8-12 hours. I like using the one featured because you can easily pop them out and each one is about 1/2 Tablespoon worth, which is just enough for each shower. Store in a covered container and use on the daily or, doubly when you’re trying to combat a cold or more. Just place in your shower in the direct stream and allow to dissolve as you breathe in the beneficial aromas.

*As a reminder not all essential oils are created equally. Please do your own research before choosing. What ever you choose make sure they are high and pure quality, and organic when available. I personally use and am an affiliate to Essential Depot. Essential Depot’s products use the purest grades available, are manufactured in the US and reasonably priced. And since I create my own line and subsequently need products in bulk, this is a good fit for me. If you’re wanting to experience essential oils for your own personal use I recommend purchasing them from DoTerra, Young Living or Mountain Rose Herbs.

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