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VIO teaches plant based and raw foods classes & workshops. We believe in eating a plant-based diet, rich in alkalizing foods. Improve your digestion, gain energy, rid your body of toxins, and more!


I love to share my knowledge of natural living with anyone that can benefit. I’ve based my site on useful information for anyone looking for a path to wellness. Follow the link below to find useful blog posts and more.


Not only do we teach about making natural body care products, we also make them for our shop and to order. We have amazing things for your body and hair. Free of all the bad stuff.


Learn the benefits of yoga for your body and mind. Using yoga in combination with a plant-based diet can transform your life in miraculous ways. I offer yoga classes and private instruction.

Welcome To Vitality

V IO is dedicated to educating and encouraging students to live a life full of vitality, simply and naturally! So what is vitality and how do we achieve it? Vitality is defined as: The power to live and grow, the continuation of a meaningful and purposeful existence, and exuberant physical strength and mental vigor. VIO was created with the intention of encouraging and teaching how to achieve a life full of vitality, naturally and simply through a plant-based lifestyle, positive mindset, and purposeful actions. We were created to live a life full of vitality!

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